Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tuscan Reunion

I have just returned from a trip to London to meet up with some of the writers I met on Sharon Kendricks course in Tuscany this May. Here we all are enjoying the sun in Tuscany and thanks to Jo for this photo.

On Friday we met up in a Tuscan restaurant and chatted over a delicious meal which took us all back our wonderful week in Tuscany, where we honed our writing skills, talked and ate delicious food.

The following morning, as strong winds whipped along the London streets I found my way to Kensington Palace and was thrilled to discover I was able to go in.

I had a nice time wandering around the exhibitions and state rooms. Taking photographs with a flash was prohibited, but the one below of The King's Gallery came out quite well without a flash.

Then as rain added to the wind I walked through Hyde Park and stumbled upon The Royal Horse Artillery in all their finery. I watched as they disappeared into Hyde Park, the sound of the gun carriage wheels and horses as they moved off was something I've never experienced before. Then to my amazement they fired their guns and came galloping back through the now lashing rain.