Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Love At The Library

On Monday I was in Brecon, a lovely market town in Mid Wales, for Mills and Boon’s #LoveAtTheLibrary

I was handing out signed copies of  The Sheikh’s Last Mistress and really loved meeting the readers and fans of Mills and Boon.

Thanks to Brecon Library for the use of this photo

The display of Mills and Boon books, complete with bunting, was brilliant and it was lovely to see so many titles there.

Being in the library reminded me of my teenage years, when I would head down to my local library in the city of Worcester. After a look around the museum, which was upstairs in the grand old building, I would head straight for the romance section and Mills and Boon in particular. There I would select the books I was going to rush home and read, never thinking then, that one day, my books would be on the shelves in libraries.

I really enjoyed being in the library, a place I’ve always loved. I watched young children coming in with their parents, all excited about borrowing their next book and getting involved with the library’s summer reading challenge, The Big Friendly Read, to celebrate Roald Daahl's 100th Birthday.

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Billionaire's Legacy

The Billionaire’s Legacy is an exciting new eight book series from Harlequin and I was thrilled to be asked to be part of it. Right now on Harlequin there’s a free prequel, One Night at the Di Sione Mansion by Carol Marinelli and the first book in the series it out now.

Here’s the first four books in the series.

I love the covers. They are stunning.

My book, To Blackmail a Di Sione is the third book in the series and will be available from 23rd August 2016. I can’t wait for you to meet Liev and Bianca as they clash over the  ownership of a bracelet, but very soon realise they want far more than that from each other.

I loved writing this story and working with the other authors, meeting their heroes and heroines and I can’t wait to read the whole series. I hope you’ll join me and lose yourself in the world of the Di Sione family.