Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Summer's Return

The sun is shinning and as the swallows have returned it feels like summer has arrived. These sunny little birds spend all day swooping around the farm yard, chattering all the while and later in the summer my garden fence is used as a flight school for fledgling swallows. The parents line their young up and encourage them to take to the sky. This is a picture I took last year when their lessons distracted me from writing.

Once again I find the promise of a bright sunny day distractaing, but I'm going to be firm and continue to prepare my recently completed manuscript for submission to the New Writers' Scheme which is part of Romantic Novelists' Association. This story is about Dimitri and Lisa and opens on the snowy moors of Exmoor. As the story unfolds they go to St Petersburg where Lisa discovers the truth about the man she has fallen in love with.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Little Gems

Last week I had the results back from a competition I entered with Romance Writers of Australia. It was their Little Gems short story contest. This year the theme was garnet. It was my first ever entry and I was thrilled when my three judges gave me a combined score or 86% for  my story Garnet's Glow. I also had feedback on the score sheets, something well worth having.

If you are a budding romance writer why not have a look at all that RWA can offer.