Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Writing in Tuscany

This time last week I was enjoying the warm sun of Tuscany at The Watermill, Posara whilst on a romance writing course with Sharon Kendrick. The place is amazingly quiet and secluded and each morning I woke to this view from my room.
I met some wonderful women and we laughed our way through the whole week, sharing gorgeous food, days out and of course talking and learning about writing romance.

On Tuesday morning we all walked to the local market town of Fivizzano, enjoyed a coffee and time at the market before heading back for more writing. This photo shows the view from Fivizzano and the small village of Posara behind me.
The highlight of the week is the fantastic train journey to Lucca. The single track train goes through some stunning scenery before arriving at the walled city of Lucca. Here we all are enjoying lunch.
From the left, Helene, Pippa, Jen, myself, Jo, Sharon and Lesa who took some amazing photographs of our week. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and some serious shopping!

All too soon it was the last day and Lesa took this photo of the group - Amanda, Helene, Jen, Louise, Alison, Jo, myself, Bill who owns the Watermill, Kerstin who looks after your every need whilst there, Pippa, Sue and of course Sharon.

As I flew out of Pisa, I caught one last glimpse of the tower, glad to be on the way home after a big airport delay, but sad to have said goodbye to so many new friends. Thanks girls, it was a wonderful week.

Pisa from the air, the tower just visible at the top centre of the photo.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

In Pisa

I'm in Pisa. I spent yesterday afternoon sat in the sun by the tower. It's a very busy place, full of tourists from all over the world, but I love being there.

This morning I'm off to The Watermill in Posara for a course on writing romance with Sharon Kendrick. Those of you who know me, know I've been before. Attending courses is a brilliant way to relax and focus on my writing.
I'll tell you all about it when I get back.