Sunday, 25 March 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

As a writer, I find it difficult when life gets in the way, leaving me very little time to write. All sorts of things crop up that stop me putting words down. Life on the farm has been really busy lately, with far too much paperwork to do, but when animals need attention that has to come first. Thankfully now, the really busy period is passing and I can finally get back to doing something other than scribbling late at night.

Today it's a beautiful day. I do wonder though if summer has come early. I just hope it doesn't disappear and never come back. I took this photo this morning, but it will be such a different view once the trees have their leaves out. Can't wait!

At the beginning of the month I did manage to get away for a weekend with writers I'd met at The Watermill. We all spent the weekend in an old farm house that dated back in parts to the 1600's. It was a brilliant weekend where we discussed our work in progress. It was great fun having brainstorming sessions on new ideas.

The old farm house, part of the Landmark Trust, was fascinating, with a narrow twisting staircase leading up to the bedrooms, open fires and an old barn that still had stalls for the animals that once lived there.

The views were amazing and the sun shone although it was quite a bit colder then. We even woke to a dusting of snow on Sunday.