Monday, 23 February 2015

Changing Places

It’s been a busy weekend here on the farm, but the previous weekend I was enjoying the sunshine at Fishguard. It’s become a big part of my year attending Kate Walker’s course, organised by Writer’s Holidays. It was a bit different this year as I no longer attended the weekend as an unpublished writer. But how could I miss the opportunity of meeting up with old friends and making new ones?

I always enjoy a morning walk in the winter sunshine, because we are usually very lucky with the weather. Just look at this sunny photo from my Sunday morning walk. Such a dramatic difference from the pouring rain of yesterday.

On Saturday evening I signed copies of my second book, Claimed by the Sheikh and it was so lovely to be able to give away copies and hopefully inspire others to keep writing and chasing their dream of publication.

Thanks to Vasiliki for the photo.

I was also a little sad, thinking that it would probably be my last opportunity to attend this unique writing weekend. After all, I’ve attended for so many years and have achieved my dream of publication! So I was thrilled and very honoured to be invited to attend next year, not as a student, but as a tutor. How could I refuse such an offer?

The course I will be running is The Novel Workshop and I’m looking forward to preparing for this over the next twelve months, remembering all the stumbling blocks I found along the way and the questions I needed answering. More details and booking information can be found at Writers’ Holidays.