Saturday, 26 February 2011

Writing Romance in Fishguard

Last weekend I was in Fishguard attending Kate Walker's Advanced course on writing romance. As a group we looked at digging deeper into the emotional heart of the story. It was a weekend full of fun and laughter as well as a lot of hard work. Kate herself worked harder than we did, putting together a brilliant weekend. Now we have to put in the hard work and use all we've learnt, which is exactly what I've been doing every spare minute since I returned.

The sun shone during the weekend, making it feel like a day in April rather than February. The hotel is nestled in the trees above the ferry port and the views across the bay are stunning. A perfect place to relax, write and have fun.
So if you are interested in writing romantic fiction I suggest attending the next course in 2012. Details here.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Hearts and Flowers

They are everywhere. Red roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and many more items we're all persuaded we need to celebrate Valentines Day. It's good and bad for me. My husband can never forget my birthday, but going out for a meal, sending flowers or buying chocolates costs him a fortune. This year I had a birthday card and a Valentine card, usually I get one or the other.

Last year I posted on why I write romance. All those reasons still apply and if anything I'm more determined than ever to succeed with my ambition to become a published romance writer. I looking forward to the weekend when I'll be attending Kate Walker's course on writing romantic fiction.

For all the lovers of romance, here's a seductive red rose.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's arrived!

I think it's here! Spring that is. Lambs are frolicking in the fields, bleating to their mums when they stray to far. After a while they get brave and form little gangs, hurtling around the fields like mad things. It really is fun to watch.
This is one of last year's lambs as we no longer have sheep on the farm, so I have to get my 'lamb fix' from watching them on other farms!

I also drove to Aberystwyth during the week and saw Daffodils in full bloom. In my garden they are just green leaves, thinking about putting on their vivid yellow display. The farm is so high and much colder than on the coast where I saw them.
Snowdrops are also splashing the hedgerows with white and the birds are singing much more enthusiastically. Right at this moment the sun is shinning and the sky is as blue as a summer's day.

Have you noticed any other signs of spring?