Saturday, 27 March 2010

Visitors from Overseas

Over the last few days, as a family, we have hosted two members of a rugby team from a school in Vancouver, Canada. The team are in the UK for ten days and left yesterday for Wimbledon, where they play their fourth and final match before flying home next week.

It was really nice to meet them and find out all about their life in Canada, although neither were Canadian born. One was from New Zealand and the other from Cornwall, having moved to France before going to Canada.

Before they left they gave my children rugby shirts with their school logo on and maple syrup sweets, a book about Canada and a bottle of maple syrup. I just have to make some pancakes to go with that!

So now all the dirty rugby kits have been washed and taxi duties have dropped to a normal level I can get back to doing some writing.

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  1. Glad to hear "normal" service is resumed! The joys of housework! Caroline x