Sunday, 7 November 2010

Still Here!

Last month was busy. One of those months where I couldn't do as much writing as I wanted, but on Thursday last week I met up with writing friends in Nantwich. I went there in September for a talk given by India Grey at the Library as part of the New Voices competition. It was such a lovely town, full of black and white Tudor buildings that I really wanted to go back.

What I hadn't bargained on was the misty and wet driving conditions. This is a photo I took when I stopped on the way and if the mist hadn't been obscuring the view across Wales it would have been stunning.

Another reason for wanting to go back to Nantwich was the gorgeous cake shop Homemade. It is a quaint little shop that also have a cafe, but the cakes are amazing. I just had to take a box home!

We had a lovely lunch and talked so much about writing I couldn't help but come home feeling so refreshed and revived. Between now and Christmas I have several competitions to prepare for and a new submission to Mills and Boon as well as more days out with writing friends.


  1. I have missed your blog Rachael, so its lovely to have you back. Glad you had a good day. When I saw the cakes I thought for a minute they were for writing group but then I remembered we are at margarets this week :D :D

  2. It was a lovely day, Rachael. Glad you're feeling so inspired.Good luck with the competition entries.