Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Name on a Book

Seeing your name on a book must be a wonderful feeling and that's just what I did during my weekend away. The only problem - this book was edible!

I arrived in Fishguard on Valentine's Day, and my birthday, for a weekend course with Kate Walker on writing romance. Whilst other diners where having quiet moments the early arrivals to the course were singing Happy Birthday to me. It was a lovely and unexpected surprise.

I saved the cake to share with the other romance writers in the group and on Saturday afternoon we had enjoyed a piece of the book.

It was an intensive weekend, with all aspects of romance writing covered. The group was fantastic and it was lovely to meet new writers as well as catch up with friends. Going to The Fishguard Bay Hotel and taking a course with Kate Walker each February has become something of an annual event. One I always learn from and enjoy immensely, but this year it had that extra special feeling. So thank you Kate for such a lovely cake, all your hard work to make such a fantastic course and thank you everyone who was on the course for making it the best weekend course so far!
Finally a big thanks to Writers' Holiday for organising the weekend. Can't wait for next year!


  1. What a lovely birthday surprise :)

    So glad you had a fantastic time away and learnt heaps.

  2. Thanks Joanne, going to courses and being with other writers is such fun and I always learn something new.