Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Beginnings and Endings

Today I will be working on the final chapter of my first draft and I am looking forward to writing 'the end'. Of course it's not the end. It's really only just the beginning, because next it will be time to read through the story, edit and polish.

But first I will take a break, step back from the story and as it's Shrove Tuesday what better way to start than a few pancakes? That of course gives me a new dilemma. What topping?

Happy Pancake Day!


  1. A belated happy pancake day, Rachael :) I'm sure they were delicious!
    I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make it to Fishguard to see you and Kate and have a glass of Champagne to toast your success. There was just no way I could leave Houston at the moment unfortunately due to some health issues with my stepson otherwise I would most definitely have been there! I'm sure you had a wonderful time as always. Love the new title and really looking forward to reading it.


  2. Thanks Chris! Sorry you couldn't make it, but maybe one day we'll get that glass of champagne together!