Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Sunshine

It's been a beautiful Easter weekend here in Wales and whilst it's been busy on the farm with lots of new calves, I was still able to make the most of the sunshine and a friend visiting. We went to Aberaeron, a nearby seaside town and enjoyed a stroll around the harbour and sat overlooking the pebbly beach.

From there we went to a National Trust property, Llanerchaeron and sat in the walled garden which was filled with the delicious scent of Camellias - until we were disturbed by this pair who'd slipped unnoticed from the farmyard.
Llanerchaeron is a place I visit often and it's great to see the gardens
at different times of the year, but I've never met the turkeys before!

It was also a chance to have a long walk, just what I needed when the weekend was full of chocolate temptation.

I also spent time writing and am really excited that one of my favourite heroes, Sandro Roselli will be in bookstores very soon. Craving Her Enemy's Touch is my May release.

If you missed my first book A Deal Before The Altar and you are in Canada or US then it is available at the great price of 99c until April 12th here.


  1. I'm thinking "The Great Escape". Getting a clean getaway before Christmas! Gorgeous gardens though. Caroline xx

  2. It's a lovely place Caroline and I might go back soon to see where Mr & Mrs Turkey went to.

  3. Hi Rachael - love the May book title. Promises all sorts of delights! Will be looking out for it to add to my growing collection.

    1. Thanks Sarah. I loved writing that story and hope you enjoy reading it! Xx