Sunday, 17 April 2016

Time Out To Refill My Creative Well

Yesterday I made the most of a having a friend to visit for the weekend and the gorgeous sunny weather and did one of my favourite things. I explored a castle, which dates back to the late 1100's and a grand old house. Both Newton House and Dinefwr Castle are part of the National Trust’s Dinefwr Park.

We spent the morning wandering around Newton House, which was hosting a wedding weekend. The drawing room was all set out to showcase what a wonderful setting it would make for a wedding and of course sparked a few ideas in my head. Then after a leisurely lunch we walked to the castle.

On the way through the woodland, the first flush of bluebells were bravely appearing but the promise of a spectacular display in just a few weeks means I will be going back armed with my camera.

The views from the castle were stunning and the blue sky lent an air of summer to the afternoon as we explored the ancient walls and climbed up and down narrow twisting steps. Afterwards we strolled around the grounds and enjoyed some of the walks, of which there are many.

It was a beautiful day out which left me refreshed and revived. Exactly what I needed as I am about to start writing a new book. My creative well is nicely refilled. Thanks Sarah Jane!

What do you enjoy doing when you take time out?


  1. I went round a stately home last week, Rachael. I was looking for inspiration, too, and it really helped. Sometimes, you just need to refill the well, as you rightly say! I love castles and abbeys and country houses. It's my idea of a perfect day out. I expect, living in Wales, you're spoilt for choice. We're pretty lucky in Yorkshire, too. Glad you had such a lovely time. Good luck with the writing. xx

  2. There are plenty of castles here and I just love them. What better way to switch off. Thanks for stopping by Sharon.xx

  3. That looks amazing :) I love your pics and what better way to re-fill the inspiration/writing well :)

    1. It was amazing Joanne and we had such lovely spring weather.