Friday, 5 February 2010

Cats, more cats and even more cats

Like many farms, we have feral cats, but during the last few months I have been catching these hissing bundles and taking them to the vets to be 'dealt with'. Once this is done, they come back to live peacefully with us, without increasing their numbers any further.
This is Twm, one of the first to be 'dealt with' and he is one of four who come into the house for a sleep sometimes. The others live either in the calf shed or the old cow shed.

This little project of mine, has been financially helped by Cats Protection League and one of their local volunteers has loaned me the required traps. It never ceases to amaze me, that within days of being set free, after having given me the run around to catch them, they want to be friends!

A few of them even come with me when I walk the dog, although Tara is not impressed, as you can see from this photograph which was taken last October.

I have only two left to catch now and they are proving to be the hardest ones as I keep getting all the others who just want to be friends.

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