Thursday, 25 February 2010

Writing Weekend

Last weekend, I attended a weekend writing course in Fishguard, although the snow that fell on Friday nearly stopped me from going. Thankfully the main roads were clear and I reached a sunny Fishguard.

The course I attended was Kate Walker's Writing Romance. I think it's an absolute must for anyone wanting to write romantic fiction. Next year an advanced course will be run by Kate in Fishguard and I look forward to meeting up with many of those who attended this year. I have been so full of inspiration since returning that all my spare time has been devoted to writing, which is why I'm a bit late blogging about the weekend.

Socializing with other writers is also very much part of the weekend, as the other courses offered ranged from painting, to short stories and poetry. Meeting new people and catching up with familiar faces is so much fun. I'd recommend it to every aspiring writer.

As I started with a bleak snowy scene, I'll leave you with the view from the hotel on Saturday morning.


  1. Hi Rachael - it was a great weekend wasn't it? I am really looking forward to next year. Happy writing! Caroline x