Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's arrived!

I think it's here! Spring that is. Lambs are frolicking in the fields, bleating to their mums when they stray to far. After a while they get brave and form little gangs, hurtling around the fields like mad things. It really is fun to watch.
This is one of last year's lambs as we no longer have sheep on the farm, so I have to get my 'lamb fix' from watching them on other farms!

I also drove to Aberystwyth during the week and saw Daffodils in full bloom. In my garden they are just green leaves, thinking about putting on their vivid yellow display. The farm is so high and much colder than on the coast where I saw them.
Snowdrops are also splashing the hedgerows with white and the birds are singing much more enthusiastically. Right at this moment the sun is shinning and the sky is as blue as a summer's day.

Have you noticed any other signs of spring?


  1. There are snowdrops and catkins, and it is light at 5pm

  2. there must be something in the air, i did a bit of gardening in the week :)