Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Poppy's Corner - Introducing Poppy

Today I’m introducing my adorably cute writing companion.

Hi, I’m Poppy and I’m almost twelve weeks old and I arrived at the Thomas house two weeks before Christmas and have been settling into my new role as writing companion. I’ve even been given the perfect pedigree name by the breeder, Mafleurdean Love Heart.

This is me a few weeks ago sleeping on the floor of the writing room, whilst Rachael wrote. But little did she know then, I was lulling her into a false sense of security. I’m a puppy and I am not going to just sit quietly beside her whilst she taps away on her keyboard – unless I’m really tired.

I like nothing better than to drag her out into the garden when it’s raining on a false mission and when the family put up what they called the Christmas tree, things really got interesting. I managed to pinch a decoration and run off with it and this game of chase around the house was really fun. Then when they were all sitting quietly, I chewed the lights, which I discovered was a bad thing, because they could have been on, but hey, it caused mayhem and that’s my aim for the next six months at least!

So stop by again and find out what mayhem I managed to make.


  1. Oh, Rachael, she looks utterly adorable! How lucky you are (when she's asleep)! There's nothing quite like the loyalty and love of a dog. X

  2. Hi Sarah. She is utterly adorable when she's asleep and a bundle of mischief when awake. Pleased you like the new blog.

  3. I think Poppy's started as she means to go on, Rachael. That sweet face might look all innocence but her Christmas antics prove otherwise!! Fab new-look blog too xx

  4. Hi Melissa. Poppy is trying to eat my slippers as I write this. Hope that idea will soon get boring for her. xx